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On the evening of April 15th, EML Webinar was first launched on Zoom cloud platform and attracted wide attention in international scientific community. The webinar was held by Prof. Zhigang Suo, Harvard University, fellow of Academy of Engineering and Academy of Sciences, chairman of SSIM and editor-in-chief of Extreme Mechanics Letters. The aim of the webinar is to share and discuss frontier theories and methods in mechanics and related fields, and provide an international communication platform for scientific researchers during epidemic period. The first webinar invited Prof. John W. Hutchinson, the supervisor of Prof. Zhigang Suo, fellow of U.S. Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Arts and Sciences, leader of fracture mechanics. He lectured the new developments in shell stability and generated heated discussion among the audience after the webinar. EML webinar will be held every Wednesday, 10 pm Beijing. It has invited many famous professors for academy lectures from world-leading university like Harvard, MIT, Caltech and Cambridge University.

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